SMTJET 4H Starfire Printer

SMTJET 4H Starfire Printer

SMTJET 4H Solvent Starfire Printer


Printing Width: 3.2m

Printhead: Fujifil Starfire 25PL/10PL

Packing Size: 491*110*173CM

G.W./N.W.: 1200KG / 1000KG

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Main Features:

1.All steel nozzle printhead, inner heating&circulation, design life time 8 years.

2.Double mute linear rail, all alluminum alloy beam, assures resolution.

3.High precision platform, pinch roller, fine feeding&take up, neat and effeciency.

4.Infrared drying system, matched with high density ink, fast drying and ink saving.

5.Nozzle heating&ink recirculating, stable negative pressure, keep printing without ink break.

6.All spare parts adopts famous brand, high performance, long lifetime, super stable.


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