Precautions for Printhead Installation (Eco solvent Printer)

1.It’s very important to install printhead well on the piezoelectric echo printer because printhead isexpensive and delicate, wrong installation will cause printhead damaged or affect its working status. So we must pay attention to the process of printhead installation.

2.Before install printhead, makesure printer movement is normal, ground wire is well connected, the voltage of carriage board is normal, the voltage of printhead power supply is normal. (Can use multimeter to measure static electricity on the machine, voltage of carriage board and the power supply voltage of printhead) . Usually power supply voltage of Epson DX5 Printhead is 42V.

3.Test by software that all movement is normal, encoder sensor read value is normal, indicator light is normal. Before installing, installer both hands should touch the conductive body to discharge, and must be no sweat or mositures on the hands, otherwise may cause printhead short circuit. In addtion , don’t wear plastic or relative cloth which may have static electricity. Be sure to turn off the power and unplug the power cable when installing.

4.Check the connection cable, whether the pins on the plugs are good and flat, if no problem, insert to printhead and fixed it well without any inclination. One side of cable touch the circuit, another side not to touch the circuit, make sure cable direction connects right, after confirm don’t have any problem, then install the printhead onto the carriage.

5.Printhead cable connect with carriage board: Be sure to turn off the power first and do this operation. Please do not try to intall it if you are not sure of the right direction, Contact manufacturer to get Right cable connection photo or chart and do accordingly. Mark the cables or take photos before detach or replace them. Once the datalines connect wrong or direction wrong, will cause serious sequence like burn of printhead.

6.Check several times after installation, make sure don’t have any problen, then turn on the power. First using ink pump to lead in the ink, and then turn on the power of printhead. Check the flash spray, if it is normal means successfully installed. If flash spray is abnormal, please turn off the power immediately and check if there’re other problems.

7.Please do not let the ink drop to cable and datelines, otherwise once ink flows down to the cables will cause a short circuit and burn printhead directly.

8.Printhead lifetime usually is 2 year, choose Epson echo odorless ink and do more care of machine and printhead, can effectively extend the life of printhead.

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