Eco Solvent Printer & Printhead Maintenance

Due to the volatility of eco-solvent ink, printhead may easily blocked if printer not using for a long time, also may arise many problems such as oblique spraying , ink breaking , ink flying, needle deviation etc. It will shorten the life time of printhead , serious situation may even cause the printhead to be scarpped soon. So we need pay more attention to the maintenance of ink system and printhead .

Precautions for head maintenance during the daily use of Eco solvent printer:

1、Pay attention to the influence of power supply voltage and static electricity to the printhead in workplace. The instability of the voltage may lead to some problems in printhead as well as related board or circuit. Recommend to equip stable power supply regulator or UPS to protect printhead more effectively.  In addition, it will also be harmful to printhead if effected by static electricity during the printing process.  So must ensure printer is reliably grounded, can release the static electricity.  Recommend to use Multi-strand copper wire for the ground wire , check the connection of ground wire frequently , can also spray a little salt water around it regularly.

2、The working environment of eco solvent printer , better stay clean with little dust , the temperature shall not lower than 5 ℃.  Better control at 15 ℃ – 30 ℃, humidity keep at 35% – 65%.

3、Use qualified inks and cleaning solution . Different inks will affect color and print quality, will also effect the print effect and printhead status. Low quality inks and cleaning solution will block printhead, corrode the nozzles, and shorten the life of the printhead .

4、Do not install or remove relevant circuit of the printer without turning off the power switch and cutting off the main power. This will affect the service life of each system and may also cause damage to printhead.

5、Do not use brute force when replacing or fine-turning the position of printhead , operate carefully according to the norm.  Be careful do not allow the nozzle to scratch the paper during printing, which will easily damage the printhead .

6、Keep the surface of printhead clean, clean up the ink or other debris on the surface in time; Turn off the power when do cleaning to printhead , do not allow water come into contact with circuit boards or other internal systems. Do not immerse the head in the cleaning solution, normally only take an appropriate amount inject to head to clean it.

7、Daily maintenance of Eco solvent printer and printhead:

1) Clean the printhead before turn on printer, print nozzle test strip to make sure head is in good condition, after check the head working normally, can start the print job.

  • Print nozzle test strip again before turn off printer. Make sure headstatus is normal, place non-woven cloth (saturated with cleaning solution) on the moisturizing tray, move car carriage to carriage station, set the head height to low level, to make sure printhead nozzle fits tightly on the moisturizing non-woven cloth and is completely sealed. At last, turn off printer normally and unplug the power cable.  Keep the device in this state overnight.

If printhead condition is not good, pls use special cleaning solution to clean the head and wipe the head with a non-dust cloth (eco solvent ink should use eco solvent cleaning solution, water-based ink should use pure water, don’t use tap water), and then again Print test strip to confirm.

  • If the print head is in poor condition, use a special cleaning solution to clean the print head and wipe the print head clean with a dust-free cloth (weak solvent wash solution with weak solvent ink, pure water with water-based ink, not tap water), and then again Print a test strip for confirmation.
  • Replace consumable parts such as suction nozzles and ink sacks regularly.

5) If printer will stop using for more than 3 days: Pls clean the carriage station tray, clamp the below ink tubes with a clip, tighten the lid connected to ink supply system to prevent air from entering.  Close the ink pump valve.  Print the nozzle test strip every 3 days to check whether it is clogged. If it is blocked, please do cleaning operation to ensure that the printhead remains in good condition.

6) If printer will stop using for a long time, you need to thoroughly clean the printhead to avoid exposing to the air for long time (the ink is easy to evaporate and solidify in the air, which will block the printhead).  Recommend to detach the printhead from machine, clean and save it well , next time install on machine again before using.

7) Cover the machine with a dust cover and put at a safe place. Pay attention to dust, fire, water, burglar, rodent, and insect resistance.


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