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Maintenance of Solvent Printer & Printhead

1.Pay attention to the working environment 1) It has precision printhead in the internal structure of solvent printer .so that the machine should be placed steadily prevent from mechanical collision and vibration during daily use. 2) If working environment is not good, it may easily block the nozzle because nozzle may sucks the dust floating in the air, therefore better stay clean. The working environment is not good to change too much ,the components may easily defects under the high temperature ,as well as the size of nozzle aperture change [...]

Solvent Printhead Blocked Reasons & Solutions

Reason of nozzle blocking: Ink qualitynot good, have impurities. ink cartridge quality not SOLUTION: Use filter devices to avoid the impurities , use better ink and ink cartridges. The temperature and humidity change rapidly has a bad effect on ink and nozzle,which cause the blocked up. The temperature and humidity of Storage and working environment has an effect on stability of ink, which lead to ink break or scattered or make ink dried on the surface of the nozzle etc. Temperature changes rapidly may easily break the balance of inner printhead and work [...]

Solvent Printer Introduction

Solvent printer is a product of a large format printer. Comparatively, the resolution isn’t as high as eco solvent ptiner.However, the inkjet printer now available has greatly improved printing resolution can up to 1440 DPI. The inkjet printer uses solvent-based or UV-curable inks. Among them, solvent-based inks have strong odor and corrosiveness. In the process of printing, the ink penetrates into the interior of the printed material through corrosion, so that the images are not easily discolored. Therefore, it is [...]

UV Printing Introduction

UV printing is a form of digital printing that uses ultra-violet lights to dry or cure ink as it is printed. As the printer distributes ink on the surface of a material (called a “substrate”), specially designed UV lights follow close behind, curing – or drying – the ink instantly. Originally developed for quickly drying gel nail polishes during manicures, ultraviolet light applications quickly expanded into industrial and commercial markets. Because the UV lights cure any printed ink immediately, [...]

Precautions for Printhead Installation (Eco solvent Printer)

1.It’s very important to install printhead well on the piezoelectric echo printer because printhead isexpensive and delicate, wrong installation will cause printhead damaged or affect its working status. So we must pay attention to the process of printhead installation. 2.Before install printhead, makesure printer movement is normal, ground wire is well connected, the voltage of carriage board is normal, the voltage of printhead power supply is normal. (Can use multimeter to measure static electricity on the machine, voltage of carriage board and the power supply voltage of printhead) . Usually power supply voltage of Epson [...]

Eco Solvent Printer & Printhead Maintenance

Due to the volatility of eco-solvent ink, printhead may easily blocked if printer not using for a long time, also may arise many problems such as oblique spraying , ink breaking , ink flying, needle deviation etc. It will shorten the life time of printhead , serious situation may even cause the printhead to be scarpped soon. So we need pay more attention to the maintenance of ink system and printhead . Precautions for head maintenance during the daily use of Eco solvent printer: 1、Pay attention to the influence of power supply voltage and static electricity to the printhead [...]